Friday, March 19, 2010

Falling Hair.

I thought I would need the best testosterone cream to treat my hair loss dilemma earlier this year. The experience was very inconvenient, annoying (raking up a bunch of hair on the floor, how does that sound?), and I just have to add, the paranoia it caused me was tremendous. I thought I was positive of hyperthyroidism. Thankfully, my TSH level, through the lab testing done, yielded negative results. Otherwise, I could have gone crazy and poorer, too, because of the treatments I have to undergo.

The family doctor pacified my paranoia saying that our crowning glory normally sheds about 127 strands a day through our normal activities of washing, combing, and brushing. Further, she explained that hair loss and growth varies in every individual. The denser the hair, and the shorter the anagen cycle (the growing stage of human hair) is, the more hair that will normally lose per day.

So the next time you experience hair loss, be sure to count the fallen hair first before getting worried of anything. LOL.

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