Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My Girl Insurance Commercial.

If insurance and pre-need companies employ insurance advertising such as this, I bet people will more likely be moved and realize how important it is to secure the future of their loved ones by getting an insurance.

Just a warning, especially to ladies, wives, moms and daughters out there..be sure to have your hanky ready by your side as this is truly a tearjerker.

Advertising an insurance, for it to be effective needs an emotional content. This commercial clearly exuded the emotions, feelings and thoughts associated with a head of family who wants nothing but the best and secured future for his family.

This video suddenly made me miss and think about my Dad. Albeit our family's not perfect, I'll be forever indebted for the love, guidance and the hardships he has endured working abroad just to raise us and give us a comfortable life.

I'm also deeply touched as a Mom because just like the Daddy in the commercial, I vowed to love and take care of my son FOREVER the first time I saw and held him.

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