Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Twitter Fuss

Even though I haven't been able to watch the latest showbiz news on TV recently (the little one owns now the remote control), I am somehow updated about the entertainment world through instant Twitter updates, entertainment portals releases and Celebrity Blog sites that abound the web these days. Just for example, the brouhaha about Kris Aquino and Ruffa Gutierrez's allegedly walking out of the The Buzz two Sundays ago. The news spread like fire online and offline that people instantly searched on the web for the recorded video just a few hours after the show. Controversies such as these are now easier to disseminate because of the viral capabilities of the internet. You just publish a post on a blog, or make even just a controversial tweet on Twitter, the whole world instantly knows about it and the next thing we know, everyone's talking about it. People by nature, make a fuss over a controversy or a gossip especially if it involves a celebrity.

Now on to the issue between Kris and Ruffa, my insight is that there's nothing to be offended about Kris' controversial statement: "Aminin mo mas masaya dito.." (Admit it, it's happier here) pertaining to the latter's transfer to another station. But Ruffa might not be in her stable self, emotional wise, impending of her leaving the show she has been with for several years now. It could be also that she's undergoing tremendous pressure (from her influential and loquacious Mom) that her emotions just exploded when Kris said it. She might also got fed up by Kris' constant bickering on her even while on air. Viewers do notice how, in the past, Kris has been butting in every time Ruffa's saying something leaving the latter thrown into a tizzy evidently.

I'm not really into the entertainment industry but sometimes you can't really help to stick your nose into an issue especially if it's well talked about among your Twitter pals.

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